Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Get Superhan Super Fit (Again) Blog Campaign! Vol. 2

 Proof...I really was once pretty slim!

Well, needless to say the last time I tried this it did not go all too well really. Two months or so, numerous deadlines and one extremely painful back injury later, however, I feel it's time to get back in the gym and begin my epic journey from flab to fab once more! As anybody that knows me will be aware of, I'm not a 'big' girl at all per se...sadly several serious injuries (mostly my own silly fault) and manic work schedule, leading to a slight lapse in my generally rather good diet have just somewhat obliterated my one-time pretty athletic figure. So, in an attempt downsize certain areas and regain my - and I quote - "hulk arms" I decided to take on this rather public challenge and get back into shape.

So without further are some of the things I have learnt in week one:

1 - Do NOT under any circumstances attempt to bench anywhere near what you were benching before a major's not big, it's not clever and boy does it hurt!

2 - If you go to the gym with your partner you will inevitably be inclined to show off slightly and therefore spend the entirety of the following day walking like one of the zombie-esque things in 'I Am Legend'...not cool!

3 - Crunches are actually the work of the devil himself!

4 - Workouts are much easier when you have the support of good friends, such as the lovely and very talented Donny Goines, whose first guest blog you can read right HERE.

Also, as before each week I'll also include my top five song choices from my gym playlist, which is left on shuffle to make sure we switch it up a little each time. So, here goes week 1...

Dr Dre - Next Episode
Donny Goines - Larva
DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem
Chino XL - Nahh!
The Redland - Epic

Well Th-Th-Th-That's all folks but stay tuned for next week's efforts!

Donny Goines Helps Superhan Get Super Fit Vol. 1

That's me last night at Stadium Red Studios. I look like a Abercormbie & Fitch model don't I? Hahaha nah I'm not that conceded (Or am I lol????) but it's the most recent picture I have. I'm about 178 pounds in this one and it took alot of hard work and determination to get there. Before I get into that let me take you back to the beginning....
My life is a strange one. I could sit here and tell you about it but I'm sure you don't want to hear that lol. You wanna know how I lost so much weight right? Well, back in November of 2009 I went to the doctor for a physical and jumped on the scale. It read 214 pounds. That for me, is way too much excessive weight. I am only 5'8 and it didn't look to flattering on me (as shown in Exhibt A and I'm not talking no Jay Elec) so I decided to lose it then and there. Honestly though, this is not the first time in my life that I've been overweight (it has fluctuated throughout the years) but I told myself that it would be the last. 
One of the biggest motivators was my career. Unfortunately, image is extremely important for a person such as myself (I'm a pretty good artist in case you didn't know lol...) so I knew that I had to alter and recreate myself. Another issue for me was my stage performance, I always would run out of breath (if you've seen me perform you know why) and that just wasn't cutting it for me. The last problem that worried me was my blood pressure. I had to take medication in order to control my pressure and as a young man I knew these were early warning signs which I heeded. Suffice it to say, I took action. 
The first thing I had to do was change my eating habits. My menu consisted of nothing but take out and candy. Bad combination. So I learned how to cook. This, believe it or not was one of the most challenging parts of this transition. I decided to learn though because it saved me money (which for a starving artist is imperative) and also allowed me to control and moniter my intake. The next step was physical exercise. Ughhhhhhhhh. Little known fact, I HATE working out. It hurts, consumes too much time and really doesn't interest me. I had to force myself to get into the groove of that (which is normal actually) but in time it started to become routine. After a few months I started to see improvement in many different areas. Breathing, energy, mood, etc so I worked even harder. My goal was to lose about 40 pounds (which I did in about a year) and fit properly in clothes (seriously). Which brings me to this moment in time.
I'm going to help you guys with this. Maybe I can inspire, give advice, help to motivate you, whatever (Han needs it too so I'm on her ass hahaha) but my story is a common one. I hope sharing mines with you will benefit you in some way.
Stay tuned...
Donny Goines

Thursday, 6 January 2011


2014. New York City, PA (Post-Apocalypse) 

A lone figure wanders through Manhattan, passing the remains of the newly completed World Trade Centre – Freedom Tower, my ass. He almost laughs aloud to himself upon noting the irony – taking just a moment, attempting a futile effort to comprehend precisely what has happened and what we could have done differently...

Who has what it takes to be Hip-Hop's Last Man Standing? Continue reading HERE on MTV UK's The Wrap Up!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2011 Relaunch

2010 was a tough year...productive, progressive, at times painful (hence the lack of fitness and even music blogs sadly) and predominently positive but all in all tough. Well, a new year is upon us and it seemed fitting to relaunch the Superhan says blog as well as my Han's Hip-Hop Report column in order to reflect the changes (both personal and professional) that arose in the past year. So, without further ado I shall announce that the new and improved blog will be with us shortly and wish you all a Happy New Year! I wanted to take this oppurtunity to thank my readers, old and new, for the continued love and support, it truly is appreciated.