Friday, 5 November 2010

Get Superhan Super Fit (Again): Week One!

As we approach the end of week one, the 'Get Superhan Super Fit' challenge is going rather well if I may say so myself. Admittedly there is room for improvement in terms of diet and since my better half reads these, the less said about short shorts the better! That being said, after three intensive sessions, including core, upper and lower body - in the gym that is...get your mind out the gutter - I'm feeling decidedly fitter, slightly more toned and in absolute agony!

So, without further ado, my Playlist Random 5 for the week is as follows:

Olivia - Bizounce
Wyclef Jean - Perfect Gentleman
Usher - Bad Girl
T-Pain - Buy You A Drank
Jay-Z - Run This Town

Lessons learnt include:

1. My game face is somewhat less attractive than I would care for it to be.

2. Dropping a 6kg dumbell on your foot is painful...very painful.

3. Men will try to chat you up even when sporting weights gloves, T-Macs, a wifebeater and benching 30+ kilos - take the hint fellas!

4. Jigga does not run this town, I do ;)
Til' next week folks...

1 comment:

  1. I feel that 'get your mind out of the gutter' comment was directed at me...But hey, I happen to love your gameface. What can I say, some guys dig Supagays with dumbell fetishes... xD