Wednesday, 22 June 2011


"I hear my breathing. It’s loud, hard and fast. I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I have to go through with it. I’ve summoned every entertainment reporter and photographer to the Ritz Carlton this morning for a news conference. Hell, every media outlet across the country received the press release..."
There are few situations left that would send shockwaves through the urban music industry. The death of a legendary artist? Nope! Sorry, Tupac. Sorry, Biggie. I mean, you’re both sorely missed but we handled. The retirement of a superstar? C’mon Jay-Z, precisely who you thought you were kidding I do not know. No, there is only one scenario that could shake the rap world to its very core: the public announcement of one of the hip-hop elite’s homosexuality....

To read the full special edition review, just go to MTV UK's The Wrap Up now. 

The E-book version of 'MOGUL' is currently available for purchase and hard copies can be pre-ordered in the UK from August 25.

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