Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Get Superhan Super Fit (Again) Blog Campaign!

My Goal...wishful thinking perhaps?

Surely everybody knows that horrible moment when you come to the realisation that you have let yourself go a little...not to epic proportions (no pun intended) but rather just become a little out of shape.
Sadly that dawning realisation recently came to me, when I had to admit defeat woth my best trousers - the super fly ones I always used to rock at major events, that can sadly no longer put in an appearance because my ass has ceased to co-operate with them and decided to expand somewhat. So, instead of wallowing in self-pity at the prospect of purchasing a size larger, I figured the best bet was to be pro-active and aim to get back in shape. 
The goal is to get my BMI back down to 18 and be able to bench 45kgs again - and of course be able to wear the aforementioned trousers once more - before the start of 2011, a pre-New Year resolution so to speak...and document every step of the way right here on my Superhan Says blog (just for the fun of it).
So, please feel free to join me or show your support in my very public attempt at triumph (or possibly humiliation...though I try to be optimistic) by reading the entries and dropping a comment with your own personal suggestions, mp3 playlist ideas or even just words of encouragement if you are feeling particularly nice.
There may be tears, there will definitely be sweat, with my injury track-record it is highly likely that there will be blood and if you are really lucky, there may be video!
So, here goes...

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  1. I can see lots of over-the-top slow-mo fitness routines to 'Eye of the Tiger'. In fact, I DEMAND THEM! xx