Sunday, 24 October 2010

Throwback: NFA - Cause An Effect

Fresh from my little hiatus - long story involving A&E, German translations and dissertation research, upon which I'd rather not dwell  - I had to return with a little something special, which a friend of mine brought to my attention during a conversation about  über hot indie music that people NEED in their life but inevitably overlook due to the readily available packaged shite that is often pushed forward by the majors.

The track in question is an infectious offering from N.F.A. (No Fixed Abode), which not only features some refreshing wordplay from figurehead emcee N'FA but also a delightfully gritty yet extremely addictive beat. Furthermore, the particularly artistic video for this overall excellent composition, which carries an ever so politically correct "Epileptic Seizure Warning," was interestingly directed by actor Heath Ledger - a childhood friend of N'FA - shortly before his tragic death in 2008. 'Cause An Effect' is certainly worth a listen/watch...

For more info or to hear more from N.F.A, just go to

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