Friday, 8 October 2010

New Music: Marvell 'We Know'

 If you are a fan of good music, based in the UK and haven't heard of Marvell, then now is your cue to hang your head in shame! Having had the pleasure of catching up with the guys in London a few days back, I had to show some love and spread the word on the new Superhan blog.

Injecting the usual UK sound with some much needed soul and character, along with a healthy dose of their signature charisma, the talented trio comprised of Double S, Shocka and Vertex are already making a fair bit of noise within the scene. The release of their single 'We Know,' however, is sure to solidify Marvell as a name to watch out for in 2011.

'We Know' is due to drop on Monday 10/10/10, be sure to go and buy it - just be prepared to be singing the hook for, it will happen!

 Image: Marvell Music

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