Friday, 25 February 2011

Danny Boyle's Frankenstein

I did vow when I agreed to take up my blog again (despite having funding applications up to my eyeballs, a paper to deliver and several dissertation chapters to go) that I would also be integrating my academic research, as well as my freelance journalism work. I surely need not outline the relationship between my two areas of interest or explain my opinions on the academic merit of hip hop again, although if unsure you can read up HERE. Being perhaps one of the darker genres out there in terms on lyricism and the issues raised, I have often felt that hip hop had a close relationship with the conventions of the gothic. I know I have used them as prime examples of the relationship between the genre and Shakespeare before, but you only have to listen to the words of Chino XL or Immortal Technique for example to see the influence - let alone the Horrorcore sub-genre!

Anyway, the success of the award-winning director Danny Boyle's staging of the classic novel 'Frankenstein,' which will be screened live in cinemas worldwide in March, has also provided some great evidence for the relevancy of the gothic in mainstream culture. Whilst I appreciate that literature and theatre are not for everyone, this re-adaptation is a great way to take in this thrilling story, which poses so many questions that remain relevant in our everyday life today. With a 5-star review from The Times newspaper - a rarity in itself - this is not to be missed!

'Frankenstein' will be screened in UK and US cinemas on March 17th and 24th.

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