Thursday, 24 February 2011

Raekwon: The Interview! (MTV UK)

With 18 years in the business and arguably a few of the best albums released in the last decade to his name, Corey Woods could retire to the hip-hop hall of fame a proud man - if he wanted to that is. Thankfully, for the future of the genre - he does not. Fresh from the success of ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II’, Raekwon delivers his latest dish with the passion of the number one draft pick and the precision of a veteran quarterback…

Despite his hectic schedule, The Wrap Up's Hannah O'Connor managed to catch up with the Chef to discuss the ‘Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang’ album concept in-depth and give an insight into his seemingly infallible recipe for success. Vivid, vibrant and veracious, Rae’s wordplay still impacts like a Tek-Nine after 18 years in the game, catering for both those that grew up on New York Times side and the new generation of hip-hop heads, simultaneously. Forget the features; this is Wu-Tang’s resident street anthropologist at his finest.

Take a read of PART ONE and PART TWO only on MTV UK's The Wrap Up!

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